Monday, February 18, 2008

Bladder Holding contest

Check out a story on the HoldingIt Board called "The Million Dollar Bet" during which the main character-a female-competes in a series of bladder holding contest for a million dollars.

Here's an excerpt:

Another half an hour passed and she was now frantic to pee. She could feel her legs starting to quiver as she clenched her muscles tighter and tighter. The bulge of her bladder felt excruciating but she consoled herself with thoughts that every other girl must be feeling the same. Minutes ticked slowly past and every girl on the stage was now grimacing with desperation. Another suddenly gave up and dashed off stage. Just the sight was too much for another. Shelly willed herself to hang on just a bit longer. Her hand strayed across her stomach. She was longing to plunge it between her legs and would have done anything to be allowed to do so. Suddenly another girl gave up, this time not making it off stage, but squatting on stage and letting go a burst in her knickers.
I enjoyed this story not just because it was such a turn on, but because of its excellent pacing and the detail that went into each scene. It was pure

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